The workgroup exist of:

Pål Svensson
Pål Svensson is one of Swedens most active artists for Art in Public Space. Since 1986 more than 30 works in Sweden and abroad. www.palsvensson.se

Dan Bothén
Dan Bothén, Chairman and owner of Bothén Fastigheter with offices in Ulebergshamn. www.bothenfastighetsab.se/

Hans Leutscher
Artist, education in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, lives and works now in Bohuslän, works mainly with granite, runs even a company focused on development and production of artistic gravemonuments. www.atelier.box.nl

Previous members:

Ingrid Lindberg
Artist, education in i Göteborg, Stockholm, Oslo and New York inFine Arts, Theatre and Digital Media. www.ingridlindberg.com