Anne-Katrin Altwein

I like sculptures with several different and - sometimes - contradictory sensations and emotions. So sculptor’s works bring more than one dimension - and that all in the same piece. This is to perceive in going around only. Even the 4th dimension. And I am looking for those split seconds when the nature of creatures is really to see. I am playing with the creaturely immanent moments. For me there is a big difference between living creatures and sculptor’s work. And sculptor’s work is open end. So I am interested in creatures -  animals and humans and the difference between them. Maybe that animals are truly and straight and humans are more deceptive. Sometimes so my sculptures of humans become rather dimly or muffled. Still unawakened.

Here I want to awake a stone.
This stone is coming into position for trying to begin some dance:
A large white stone, easily quoting a movement.
But still a stone.
Huge. Enormous. White.
The white of the foam crowns of the sea.
Big bluish crystals and the character of the marble let me withdraw further and further details.
Now it is a combination of volumes.
So the crystals are becoming more and more essential.
How a stone can be in movement?
Maybe like this.

Sometimes there are some difficulties to move amassing of enormous weights that one earthed up hitherto.