Claus Ørntoft

Animals, humans and strange beasts virtually force their way out of the granite in movements that are both violent and at the same time repressed. Ørntoft’s sculptures appear to be symbols of mythical, primordial force and physical strength, subdued to breaking point by stringent forms. The larger, more complex sculptures frequently feature an asymmetrical balance, and characteristic to these works is a sense of inner equilibrium, in spite of and by virtue of this violent movement.

From Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon (Weilbach’s Danish lexicon of artists), by Birgit Jenvold, Managing Curator, The Amalienborg Museum, Denmark.

WHIRL - the four seasons, 2004.
H:190cm L:220cm W:220cm, red granite.
Belongs to Bratsberg Brygge, Porsgrunn, Norway.