Eileen Mac Donagh

Stone has been my medium for almost 30 years. With patience and a real desire it is possible to do almost anything with this material. The need to realize an idea in stone must always be stronger than the effort required to carry it out.  It is a long slow process whither working on a big or small scale.  There is a lot of time to consider what you are doing, make changes along the way and find out a bit more about the material (and yourself).

When working with limestone I tend to carve and shape the stone quite a bit.  On the other hand with granite if I am lucky the material will reveal to me what I should do with it.

The three smaller sculptures are based on geometric forms, the cube and Icosahedron.  This latter form is quite complex and requires a lot of accuracy to get it right.  I have had an affair!  with this form for about fifteen years since I first came across it in a book called Sacred Geometry.

Versions of the Icosahedron have been found dating back to Neolithic times and this is what fired me up to investigate them more.  I have developed a form based on the Icosahedron and made it my own.  I call them STARS which seem fitting as it is speculated that there is a possible relationship between these objects and the building of the great astronomical structures by Neolithic man. 

The granite sculpture is an off cut from a wire saw that resulted in the making of a large one of these Stars.