Janina Rudnicka

The decision to study sculpture must have been a matter of the intuition rather than of the reason. The sculpture used to fascinate me with its three-dimensional quality, its massiveness, and the long and hard path that had to be traveled by its adepts. 
Art is a media that provides a dialogue between the artist and the viewer. It is my way of communicating and I never know the viewers reaction because the conceptual ideas belong to whoever understands them.
I search for the artistic language that would be simple and straightforward enough to keep me in touch with my audience as my vanity lets me enjoy my works being read correctly.
The art of sculpture is still with me. I tried to abandon it, I tried to betray it, and I could not. Therefore I continue to dress my works with whatever intrigues me, or bothers me. And the knowledge that art does not solve problems but makes one aware of them is a crucial part of the process.

All my works have been created for special occasion and they are integrated with my critical vie of social, political and cultural issues. The idea, which I have been putting in my sculptures or objects, comes from my impression or observation the behaviour of people and of course of me. It comes from my knowledge about a way of life.
I think that some of my concept arose from my childhood which I have become aware last time.

In my sculpture “A huge Dice” I would like to show that our life is like a big game because all time we are waiting for good luck and believe that it is coming. In a game of dice the number six is the symbol of our dreams which brings us happiness or provides us with success. In my sculpture the number six doesn’t exist. You can only imagine that it should be at the bottom of the dice or if you want to be sure of your imagination you need to kneel down or to bend down like in front of the Holy object.