Leo Pettersson

A sculpture can by all means be sensual and invite touch. It can be as raw as an erup- ting volcano with a gushing mass of material in constant change and as soft as a breath of wind. It can be abstract or descriptive, it can be a landscape, a light phenomenon or a buil- ding, but it can also be a thought and a life. The amazing thing about sculptural expres- sion is also that it is so concrete and absolute. After all, sculpture is the bearer of a universal language, of wordless, poetic expression. It is the magic of the visual art, the ability to strike us right to the very core in the same way that music does. This can then work with simple, di- rect expression, such as brusque poetry (like a physical Haiku poem or actual, physical music), which can touch people in many strange places.
Construction – Deconstruction
Sometimes life seems to flicker between birth and death, as though it were possessed by the laws of entropy. In the same way, sometimes our thoughts seem to be directed towards a universal striving to want to crack the code before it breaks in order to strive to achieve the same objective. Buildings, constructions, machines, landscapes, thoughts, all head towards disintegration in an eternal cycle of chaos and new structures.