Martha Quinn

During the past 15 years I have gained a national reputation through my sculpture, paperworks (drawings, prints and cut-paperwork) and most notably my numerous public sculptures.
My practice is informed and inspired by a wide variety of subjects including nature, craft, heritage, science and architecture. In my public commissions my interest in these subjects are often referenced directly in a representational way while in my other work the elemental forces that connect these interests manifests in abstract geometric patterns and structures.
A key element of my public sculptures has been to create integrated artwork, artwork that is integrated not only with its physical and geographical environment but also with its social, historical and cultural one also and so each work is completely site-specific.
My purpose built studio and workshop at home in Sligo in the west of Ireland facilitates my private practice with resultant work been shown in numerous galleries. This year I have been invited to show at the 182nd annual RHA exhibition and am represented by The Norman Gallery, Wexford and by the Olivier Cornet Gallery, Templebar Dublin.

Short text about work on the exhibition Uddenskulptur 2012

In these works I am looking at relationships between topical patterns and physical structures, and the interaction between two and three dimensionality of each aspect. As part of this exploration I am focusing on the interplay between surface and form and so in some instances the form is regular and geometric where as in other works the form is natural or irregular with each 3d sculpture having surfaces which have 2d type relief-carving.