Martin Lyttle

As a stone sculptor and previously as an Engineering Geologist, I have always been fascinated by stone/rocks and soil that make up the physical landscape and also the geological/geomorphological processes that has formed the landscape.

My work has concentrates on natural organic forms.  I explore the sculptural form and over all shape and also the divisions, segmentation, ridges, ribs, lobes of the subject matter in conjunction with the type, composition and texture of the stone I am working.
Kilkenny Limestone
40cm x 20cm x 20cm

“Pelvis” reflects my local landscape, which is mountain sheep country, characterised by large stone walls and scattered stone boulders.  Bones of sheep are often found in the fields or placed on the thick stone wall, where they seem to belong, stone like.

“Pelvis” is an investigation of the bone to stone, the organic to inorganic.