Peter Randall Page

My work has always been inspired and informed by the study of natural phenomena and it’s subjective effect on our emotions. The universe seems to exhibit a ubiquitous tendency for spontaneous pattern formation balanced by an equally strong tendency for random variation. The dynamic tension between these two principals produces the seemingly infinite variation of forms which surround us and in recent years I have become increasingly interested in working with these polarities in a spirit of improvisation.

Peter Randall-Page
May 2011

Flayed Stone II is part of a series of works exploring order and randomness.

The overall shape of the stone is a result of glacial action and as such is random and unchanged by me.

Broadly accepting it’s existing shape I carved the surface with a linear pattern in an attempt to give expressive human meaning to the random form: the rock itself becomes both muse and material, subject and object.

This way of working is conducive to a spontaneous and improvisational approach, allowing unarticulated feelings to find form.

Peter Randall-Page
May 2012