Redmond Herrity

Redmond Herrity graduated from Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Ireland in 2001. Since then has travelled extensively creating private and public commissions throughout Ireland and abroad. Redmond travelled to Carrara to work with the world famous marble, there he worked side by side with some of Italy’s master sculptors. He has been given many awards in Ireland including sculptor of the year in 2009 by the Royal Hibernian Academy.
His personal work delights in the paradoxes of mass and fluidity that are brought about when pliable materials are ‘‘turned to stone’’ one piece seems to be have been indented, impossibly, by the pressure of a finger.
This material, of course, can’t twist even a micron without cracking or shearing off, and the ambiguities of representing the soft with this hardest of sculptural materials has fascinated sculptors since Bernini and beyond.