Seamus Dunbar

Séamus Dunbar is a sculptor with a diverse range of interests.  Working with traditional media, he has completed many public commissions and symposia.  In recent years he has begun to incorporate elements of movement, performance and new media into his practice.  Séamus has been active in many arts organisations and projects over the past three decades, and he is currently completing an MA Art in Public at the University of Ulster, dividing his time between Belfast and Leitrim.
The three pieces I will show at Uddenskulptur all relate to my interest in how geometric and mathematical principle govern the forms we find in the natural world and indeed the universe itself.

The bowl shaped “Lunar Eclipse” is based on the proportion of the diameter of the moon in relation to that of the earth.  This corresponds almost exactly to the difference between the heights of a circle and a square of equal perimeter, which can be famously seen in Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian Man.

“Stone Borer” demonstrates the Golden Section at work in nature; each turn of the spiral is to the next one as that one is to the one which follows it.  Of course the perfect laws of mathematics are constantly challenged by chaotic and unequal forces in life.  We have the perfect template but we can only aspire to reach this perfection on this plane of existence.

“A Stein For Ludwig” is a tribute to the German philosopher Ludwig Witgenstein in the form of a mobius strip,an apparently three dimensional form which has only one continuous surface.  The inscription is his statement “The Limits of my Language are the Limits of my World” but with an added twist.  I have added an extra word “are” after “World”, the statement can now also read “The Limits of My World are the Limits of my Language”.  The work questions the limits of language in relation to art practice, sometimes there is a deeper form of knowing to be gained by making and doing than by talking and writing.

All three works are in Kilkenny Limestone, a hard carboniforous limestone that approaches the properties of marble.  I favour it for its strength and the variety of tone and texture that it affords to the sculptor.